Types of Massages/Prices

Relaxing/Stress Reducing Male Massage - 1 Hour/£50 - 90min/£70min

This is a relaxing full body male massage. It is perfect for letting go of stress and tension from a busy day. Or perhaps, just a regular treat as a massage is excellent self-care, great for the body and mind.

I pay attention to all areas of the body equally, though if you have a particular issue, tension in your back, shoulders or legs perhaps, then I can give these areas extra attention.

Sports/Deeper Massage - 1 Hour/£55 - 90min/£70

This massage is similar to the above however, the movements have more pressure and go deeper into the muscle. Many guys prefer this kind of massage as a matter of course (personally I do), as it gets deep into the belly of muscles. 

Of course, these kinds of massages are great for very tired muscles or those recovering from a workout or other physical activity. 

Hypnomassage - 1 Hour/£60 - 90min/£80

With 20 years experience as a multidisciplinary therapist, I have found that hypnosis combines perfectly with massage. The relaxing strokes of a massage help deepen hypnosis and  allow therapeutic work to take place on a subconscious level. 

On a very simple level, this massage is great for relaxing the body and easing the mind of those daily stresses and strains. It can also do so much more... click here for more details

For each type of massage I use pure coconut oil and I provide a towel at the end of the massage to remove the oil before you dress.