Frequently Asked Questions

What type of massage do you recommend for a first time?

If you have never had a massage before, I would recommend the hour long relaxing massage. The pressure is nice and easy and the massage leaves clients calm and relaxed. 

How often do you recommend a person has a massage?

This is really up to you, I have clients who love a weekly massage and others who see it as a monthly treat. Many athletes have daily massages to help the recover process, so it basically is whatever feels right for you. 

What do I wear during a massage session? 

Either shorts or naked, the choice is yours. Most clients prefer naked as wearing shorts means that you would miss out on the glutes massage (bum). The glutes are the largest muscles in your body and can hold a lot of tension. This is even more notable if work in a job where you're mostly sat down.


My therapy studio is a cabin in my private back garden. It is surrounded by plants and I have thick curtains that give an extra layer of privacy.

I'm worried I might get an erection during the massage?

This is a big concern for many guys and has nothing to do with sexuality. Massages are generally very relaxing and when relaxed these things can happen at times. 


It does not embarrass me and if it happens, I would just not mention it and carry on with the massage.

Do you offer a naturist massage?

Many men feel more comfortable when the therapist and client are both naked. I fully understand this and the human body is a natural thing and something we should be proud of regardless of shape and size.


I am happy to offer a naturist session for an extra £10 on the cost of the massage. 


However, Please do leave me to massage you, there's strictly no touching, thanks.  

Do you offer sessions longer than an hour?

I do, and would highly recommend a 90 minute massage (£70) - I personally choose 90 minutes whenever I have a massage as I feel this really allows me time to truly relax.


I've been asked if I would do two hour massages, this issue with this is there is only so much body to massage, and after 90 minutes there is too much covering of the same ground which can become unproductive.

Is there car parking?

There is carparking in front of the house, either on the tarmac parking area or on the road. My house is an unassuming terrace from the front. It is the white door in the left hand corner, with the blue gate.


I'm based in my studio in the back garden, so when you arrive, so I hear you, it is better to text me rather than knock, and I will meet you at the blue gate.

If you have any questions not answered above or require more clarity, the please get in touch with the details below.